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Extraction Equipment Cleaning Suggestions.

It is very important to use the correct cleaning agents when cleaning extraction components.

Using incorrect cleaning agents can create undesirable outcomes.

Sodium Meta-silicate as a weak solution can be used for stainless steel boilers without excess pickling of the metal surface.

Mangrove Jacks Grain Father High Performance Cleaner is another suitable choice for a cleaner.

When cleaning condensers Citric Acid may be used to clean ceramic components.

Hot water can be used to pasturise Condensers prior to immediate use but offers limited protection for other brewing processes.

***Do not use strong alkaline or acidic solutions to clean condensers, their components or stainless steel boilers.***

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Brewer's Detergent 500g

Brewer's Detergent (Sodium Metasilicate) is a general use ...

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Total: $ 7.95

Large Size Home Brew Bottle Brush Tipped

Large 70mm diameter brewer's brush

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Total: $ 8.95

Element Decake 100g

Used to clean ceramic still components. Also prevents ...

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Total: $ 3.95

High Performance Cleaner

Formulated for cleaning soft metals such as copper and hard ...

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Total: $ 21.95

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