Brewing Supplies Online Refund Policy

1. Brewing Supplies Online advises it does not offer change of mind refund for any edible food or drink  home brew product ie: beer kit or pouch, malt or brewing sugar, food additive or cure, yeast, culture, or enzyme, flavouring or essence,  food or drink discount bundle, seasonal food, coffee beans, discount edible item, edible goods bundle, or edible goods kit.

2. Refund will occur for non-food items or other items which are: not as as described; unfit for their stated purpose; unsafe to use; unable to be used for proposed purpose; or possess manufacturer fault preventing their use.

3. A claim for refund must occur within fourteen (14) days of the purchase date stated on a purchase invoice. Refund will be will be in the form of In Store Credits to be used for alternative purchases from Brewing Supplies Online.

4. Refund does not occur for shipping fees or purchase transaction fees paid to a third party during the sales transaction. The purchaser is responsible for additional small item freight costs incurred during product return to seek refund.

5. Brewing Supplies Online does not offer refund for: opened goods; returned goods in a damaged condition, goods with damaged packaging, incomplete returned items, or any item not matching an issued purchase invoice.

6. Brewing Supplies Online advises Best Before or BBE dating identifies when the product will start to diminish from its peak condition. Best Before products may still be used for prescribed periods after Best Before date has passed.

7. "Free Return" means a restocking fee or In Store Goods Value reduction will not occur for goods accepted by the vendor as free return goods.

8. Refund if approved will occur as "store credits" after goods inspection by Brewing Supplies Online.


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